The Cloud King, a viking with a magic boat, and a little bit of greed. 

Try this endless runner and see how far you can make it in: “The Cloud King’s Gauntlet”. If you make it far enough, you may even catch the attention of the Cloud King himself.


Space or Left Mouse Click to Jump 


  • Multiple different Enemy types
  • Permanent Upgrade System
  • One-Use Power ups
  • Sound Effects + Background Music
  • Automatic Save System


  • The browser version is experienced best in full screen.
  • The exit button will not work in browser mode.
  •  If you would like to play the game with save functionality please download the zip version of the game for your OS.  
  • The Mac and Linux versions have not been tested or confirmed working because I don't have a way to test them (crossing my fingers).


  • All of the art was created by myself using Krita.
  • All of the code was created by myself using GDScript and the Godot Engine. 
  • All of the sounds were generated using BFXR.
  • The background music was created by A Drop a Day on youtube who released it for commercial purposes on reddit. 


  • This is the first game and I am happy with the end result of it. It took me around 4 months to create.

Install instructions

  • Download the zip file
  • Unzip the files into the same folder
  • Enjoy the game and enjoy the fact that progress is automatically saved!


Cloud King's Gauntlet for 25 MB
Cloud King's Gauntlet for 28 MB
Cloud King's Gauntlet for 29 MB

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